Due to COVID19, I am currently offering telehealth sessions to clients in California. Feel free to reach out for a free phone consultation!

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Speak, your lips are free.

Speak, it is your own tongue.

Speak, it is your own body.

Speak, your life is still yours.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz
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“Whatever you feel about me

when you see me right now,

it’s the truth, and don’t ever forget it.

Just look at me with your heart.

That’s all I ask.”

Richard Pryor
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Welcome to Therapy with Louisa Mackintosh

Healing from within.

We seek psychotherapy for all kinds of reasons, commonly from a deep wanting for something to be different, for something to change. My goal is to help lift the veil of what is not working in your life by bringing you closer to yourself, your loved ones, and creating a path to a life you want, you like, and feel that you are choosing.