Due to COVID19, I am currently offering telehealth sessions to clients in California. Feel free to reach out for a free phone consultation!

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As a therapist my commitment is to show up as my whole, real self with clients, and I invite you to do the same.

My presence can be described as curious, intuitive, interactive, and collaborative. At times I will bring humor, at times challenging insights and feedback. And while I am a FOMO anarchist, challenging us all to slow down, I show up with humility and respect for each individual’s pace, process, and needs. The therapeutic process can range in length and focus, from present-forward attention on gaining tools in a shorter time frame, to deeper excavation. Understanding connections between what has happened in the past and the impact on the present can take longer, but has the greatest potential for thorough healing and permanent change. These skills can assist us in weathering issues like anxiety, depression, addiction and co-dependency, chronic illness, and challenging or fractured relationships.

I respect my clients as the experts and authors of their own story. You will know what works best for you. I welcome you in all your complexity and will help you to know yourself with greater depth and kindness, so that more of yourself is available to you, and you may live your life with increased agency and choice.


We often seek therapy when a mental health challenge or aspect of our lives has become untenable. It is easy to see ourselves through a single lens of struggle and failure. But we are not our deepest fears and worst mistakes. And we do not build resilience without challenge. While we face our struggles, therapy can also be a space to name what is working.

My natural state is to see the strengths in people and I can be a holder of hope while you discover yours. Self-esteem gained through healthy boundaries and acceptance is a cornerstone of living life with choice. I will support you developing healthy, thriving relationships, including the one with yourself.

“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson


Mine is a social justice lens and I believe deeply in relationships of equality. I will respect and meet you where you are and strive to show up with humility. My eye for systems and patterns allows for awareness of the way systems of oppression may affect your life, or highlight your personal patterns and potential for growth.

My goal is engaging us in the power and dignity within ourselves and for one another. And to disengage from power over or despite each other.

“..and love moves through the fear
 reaching and touching me
 showing me I am more than I know 
and we are, all, doing our best
 to be wild, still
 to be free” – Adrienne Marree Brown

A Note for Males:

I understand Feminism as a viewpoint of inclusion. Female-driven advocacy has unlocked greater freedom in what it can mean to be female. Meanwhile, the male identity has largely remained tethered to a narrow form, one that is limiting and damaging. I support males finding their whole personality, their full range of identity, and the road this opens to greater health and happiness.  I consider all genders as responsible for shifting our collective health and freedom forward.

“No characteristics are gendered, it’s just that permission to express certain characteristics are gendered.” – Glennon Doyle


I honor our right to create, find, and sense meaning in our lives. Whether you are challenged by anxiety or depression or striving for greater live/work balance, we will work to uncover what is valuable and meaningful for you so you may live your life with more joy and satisfaction.

“It’s hard to tell our bad luck from our good luck sometimes. Hard to tell sometimes for many years to come. One can never change the past, only the hold it has on you. And while nothing in your life is reversible, you can reverse it nevertheless.” – Merle Shain

Somatic & Trauma-Informed:

Our brains go every which way, back to the past and into the future. Our bodies are present and tend to be more reliable in letting us know what’s actually happening in us. Bodies also hold past experiences, patterns laid down at times of need, whether that is a single car accident or repeated abuse. They can keep us in states of fear and protection. They can also teach us permanent safety and calm.

Rather than pattern breaking, our gift is to re-pattern and integrate. We can do this through practices of mindfulness and bringing awareness to our physical selves. This might look like noticing the quality of our breath, doing movements that represent feelings states, or maybe just learning to access a tangible feeling of quiet inside. We learn to create a bridge between our body and our mind, an integration that gives us exponential data about how we are doing and how we can change.

“Our patterns are created in the subconscious, out of instinct, out of need. They’re brilliant in protecting us and creating a life for us. When we want to make a change we must bring those patterns into our view, bring them to our attention and consciousness in order to make the choices to change. Our adaptability is remarkable and our ability to create our own flexibility and change is inspiring, no matter how difficult the journey.” – Pat Ogden