Due to COVID19, I am currently offering telehealth sessions to clients in California. Feel free to reach out for a free phone consultation!

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The therapeutic process can range in length and focus, from present-forward attention on gaining tools in a shorter time frame, to deeper excavation. Understanding connections between what has happened in the past and the impact on the present can take longer, but has the greatest potential for thorough healing and permanent change. These skills can assist us in weathering issues like anxiety, depression, addiction and co-dependency, chronic illness, and challenging or fractured relationships.

I respect my clients as the experts and authors of their own story. You will know what works best for you. I welcome you in all your complexity and will help you to know yourself with greater depth and kindness, so that more of yourself is available to you, and you may live your life with increased agency and choice.


Discovering the roots of our most difficult challenges can become the fuel for our best choices. Naming sources of fear, shame, and lack of clarity can help us discover our sources of self-worth, safety, and happiness, giving us access to self-healing and choice about how we want our lives and relationships to look and feel. I will challenge you to face your goodness, your sources of strength and connection, and acceptance of the whole, complex, and multi-faceted person you are. 

Kids & Families

Children can thrive and heal with the consistent demonstration of support and curiosity. My strengths based and trauma informed orientations support increased self-esteem, smoother developmental and family transitions, increased identity clarification, decreased anxiety and depression, as well as crisis navigation. I also welcome the family experience and I am skillful in holding more than one person and experience at a time, while allowing validity and equality for all perspectives.


I adore working with couples. Couples may seek therapy to reengage in a fruitful relationship, to peacefully disengage, or grow to welcome a different kind of partnership. I enjoy collaborating with partners to unearth and heal wounds, re-pattern unhelpful dynamics, rebuild trust, and develop healthy communication. It is my hope that through our engagement together, you will find ways to move through conflict with calm and clarity, feeling heard and understood by each other. And that by coming together in a focused way, you feel valued by each other, opening a path toward strong long-lasting bonds of acceptance, safety, and fun.